Bréanainn | St. Brendan

The Powerful Story of the life of a Kerry Sailor Saint.

Over many years there has been much debate over the question who were the first Europeans to discover North America. Notables among them credited with the feat are Christopher Colombus, Leif Eriksson and St Brendan the Navigator. During the past six years the Fair Drop Film Production Team have researched and produced a film documentary that makes a compelling case for the most extraordinary and internationally known Kerry sailor saint, Brendan the Navigator.

In this film, the production team present factual evidence, fascinating topography, folklore, and history, illustrated  richly with maps, photography, video clips and text. They have quoted from appropriate and authoritative sources, carefully avoiding any speculation that tends to obscure rather than clarify matters. They have appealed to the available archaeological and historical evidence concerning Saint Brendan, and explored the legacy and effects of this inspiring figure throughout the ages to the present.

Recent and extensive archaeological discoveries and archival research concerning our past have yielded fascinating new details that require us to revise our historical understanding. Therefore we are constantly learning new things about our heritage.

Running time : 93 Minutes

Available to buy online for €25 + €5 postage. Payment processed via Paypal.

Film Trailer

Please enjoy this short preview / trailer of the movie.

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